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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - The Sunnahs of Waking up

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Knowing Allah

1-     Wiping the face with the hand from the effect of sleeping: An Nawawi and Ibn Hajar recommended this act referring to a Hadith narrated by Imam Muslim " .. then the Prophet (PBUH) woke up and sat wiping his face with his hands"

2-     Saying this Du'aa: "Thanks to Allah Who gave us life after death , and all resurrection will be to Him." Narrated by Al Bukhari

3-     Using "Sewak" (1): "Whenever the Prophet (PBUH) woke up, even at night; he used the sewak to brush his teeth" (agreed upon)

 The wisdom behind that is that the sewak flourishes and activates the body  and eliminates bad odors.



1-(a stick taken of the Araak tree (Salvadona Pensica) for the sake of cleaning teeth  



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