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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - Islam and Woman Slavery-Fawzi Al Ghedairy

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Knowing Allah

Islam and Woman Slavery-Fawzi Al Ghedairy

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Has Islam Really Enslaved Woman?       Fawzi Alghadiri 5221
Woman's Situation in Old Times       Fawzi Alghadiri 3401
The New Testament Degrades Woman and Dubs her Tempter       Fawzi Alghadiri 5466
Prominent Christian Figures Contempt and Debase Woman       Fawzi Alghadiri 4831
The Way the Old Testament Describes the Woman       Fawzi Alghadiri 3128
Jewish Rabbis Prefer Males       Fawzi Alghadiri 2905
No Testimony of Women in Old Judaism!        4356
Judaism Spurns the Nature of Woman        3190
Judaism Allows Men to Divorce Women without Giving any Reason        3530
History has not Forgotten its Role in Destroying the Image of Women!        2224
Women are banned from driving... and Even Occupying the Front Seat in Some Parts of America!        2907
The Jewish Man Thanks his Lord Daily because He has not created him as a Woman        2262
The Despair of the Jewish Woman because of Oppression is much more than her Counterparts        2875
Arab Woman before Islam        3270
Islam Raises the Status of Woman        2835
Muhammad (SAWS) rehabilitates Woman        3256
Islam Acquits Woman from Full Responsibility of Getting out of Paradise        4296
Muslim Woman; only one Name and one Personality        2329
Islam Permits Woman to Ask for Divorce        2603
Islam does not Force Woman to Marry        3649
Islam Calls for Good Treatment between Spouses        2356
Woman's Testimony in Islam        4530
Yes, some Muslims do not do that        3115
No for Absolute Freedom for both Women and Men        4006
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