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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - The Prophet’s Methods for Correcting People’s Mistakes

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Knowing Allah

The Prophet’s Methods for Correcting People’s Mistakes

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Hastening to Deal with People’s Mistakes        14750
Dealing with Mistakes by Explaining the Ruling (HUKM).        7945
Referring People back to Islam when they Make Mistakes, and Pointing out to them the Principle they Break        6933
Correcting Misconceptions Happend Because of Something Unclear in People’s Minds        7257
Dealing with Mistakes by Repeatedly Reminding People to Fear Allaah        7813
Showing Compassion to the one Commiting a Mistake.        7969
Not Hastening to Tell Someone he is Wrong        7741
Dealing with People Commiting Mistakes in a Calm Way        11155
Explaining the Seriousness of the Mistake        6309
Explaining the Harmful Effects of the Mistake        6448
Teaching the one who Made a Mistake in a Practical Way        7882
Offering the Right Alternative        6390
Guiding People to Prevent them from Making Mistakes        6648
Not Confronting People Directly with their Mistakes and Addressing the issue in General        6669
Provoking Public Opinion Against the One who has Made the Mistake        7560
Avoiding Helping the Shaytaan Against the One who is Making a Mistake        7654
Asking the Person to Stop Doing the Wrong Action        7324
Lead the Person who is Making a Mistake to Correct it        7494
Denouncing only the Mistake whilst Accepting the Rest        6494
Restoring Rights and Preserving Positions        6197
Addressing both Parties in Cases where the Blame is Shared        6272
Asking the Person to Forgive the One who Wronged him        6121
Reminding the Person of the Good Qualities of the one whom he has Wronged,        6337
Intervening to Calm People down and Put an End to the fitnah (Discord) Between those Who are Making mistakes        6100
Showing One’s Anger from the Mistake        7117
Turning Away from the One who has Made a Mistake, and Avoiding Argumenting him to Make him Come Back to the Right Way        6066
Rebuking the One who has Made a Mistake        6456
Blaming the Person who has Made a Mistake        6363
- Shunning the One who has Made a Mistake        6669
Boycotting the one who has Made a Mistake        6669
Praying against Someone who Stubbornly Persists in Making a Mistake        7245
Turning a Blind Eye to Some Mistakes out of Respect        6864
Helping a Muslim to Correct his Mistake        6838
- Meeting the Person who has Made the Mistake to Talk it Over        6167
- Speaking Bluntly to the Person about the Mistake he is Making        6555
Persuading a person that he is making a mistake        6260
Making a person understand that his flimsy excuse is not acceptable        6869
Paying attention to things that are inherent in human nature        6478
Conclusion        6233
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