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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - Clear your Doubts about Islam-Compiled by Saheeh International

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Knowing Allah

Clear your Doubts about Islam-Compiled by Saheeh International

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Foreword        1141
What is Islam?        1017
What is a Muslim?        1069
Isn't it True that Islam is an Arab Religion?        1091
Don't all World Religions have Similar Objectives?        1272
Do Muslims worship God or Allah?        1347
If Islam opposes idol worship, why do Muslims pray to a square structure?        1718
What is the purpose of worship, and why should people worship at all?        1493
Why only one God? Could He not create another God like Himself?        1167
What is the Purpose of our Creation?        1527
How do you know there is Life after Death?        1411
Are the Good Deeds of Non-believers Rewarded?        1671
Why should someone be a Muslim? Can't we follow any religion we please?        1204
Isn't Islam fatalistic?        1345
Are there sects in Islam?        1580
Who was Muhammad?        1006
Do Muslims worship Muhammad?        1375
Why should Muhammad be the Final Prophet? Haven't there been others after him?        1222
Didn't Muhammad write the Qur'an or borrow from the earlier scriptures?        1458
How does the Qur'an differ from other Scriptures?        1578
Is it true that Muslims don't believe in Jesus? What does Islam say about him?        1423
What is Shari'ah?        1243
What are the "pillars" of Islam?        1071
Why is alcohol prohibited?        1480
Why is pork prohibited?        1232
Why do Muslims allow the slaughter of animals?        1316
What is the Islamic View on Suicide; "mercy" Killings and Abortion?        1216
Doesn't Islamic Law Encourage Vengeance?        1386
Why does Islam Demand Harsh Punishments for Sex outside of Marriage?        1782
Why is a woman's share of inheritance half that of a man's?        1340
Why is the testimony of two women required in place of one man?        1258
Isn't Islam intolerant of other religions? How are Muslims supposed to treat people of other faiths?        1943
What is Islam's Attitude toward Western Civilization Today?        1819
Why is so much of the Muslim world underdeveloped?        960
If Islam is such a good religion, why do we find many Muslims dishonest, unreliable and lazy?        1108
What is Islam's view about education, science and technology?        1018
Does Islam Accept Slavery?        1004
Is There Any Mention of Human Rights in Islam?        972
Doesn't Islam Oppress Women?        984
Are Men and Women Considered Equal?        973
Why does Islam keep women behind the veil?        1046
Why is a Muslim man allowed to have more than one wife?        1112
Why does Islam prohibit a woman from having more than one husband?        707
How can a Muslim be happy?        729
Why are so many Muslims fundamentalists and extremists?        1086
Doesn't Islam promote Terrorism, making it a Threat to the World?        989
Wasn't Islam spread by the Sword?        1035
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