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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - 1000 Sunnah per Day & Night

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Knowing Allah

1000 Sunnah per Day & Night

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How can you gain the Love of Allah the Almighty?        90844
The Sunnahs of Waking up        59649
The Sunnahs of Entering and Coming out from the Bathroom        46162
The Sunnahs in Performing Wudou' Ablution        57522
The Sunnah of Using Sewak        39494
The Sunnah of “Wearing Shoes”        45266
The Sunnahs of Wearing Clothes        43818
The Sunnahs of Leaving and Coming Back Home        38279
The Sunnahs of Going to the Masjid        47987
The Sunnahs of Athan-Call for Prayer-        45000
The Sunnahs of Iqama        38977
Praying Behind Sutra        38394
Provisions for Sutra        38073
The Supererogatory Prayers to be performed per Day and Night        74687
The Sunnahs of Praying at Night        58078
The Sunnahs of Wetr Prayer        43445
The Sunnah of Al Fajr Prayers        51293
Sitting after the Prayer        46200
Verbal Sunnahs of Prayer        50594
Essential Prayers Sunnah        57126
The Sunnah of Ruko' (Bowing)        39404
The Prophetic Actions (Sunnahs) of Prostration (Sujoud)        49386
Post- Prayer Sunnahs        56770
Sunnahs to be said in the Morning        53642
Sunnahs when Meeting People        48571
The Sunnahs of Eating        44050
The Sunnahs of Drinking        39071
Performing Supererogatory Prayers at Home        41696
The Sunnahs of Leaving a Meeting        32453
Bedtime Sunnahs (the Prophet’s traditions)        56295
Actions are but by Intentions        45855
Don't loose the Chance        45176
Remembering Allah at all Times        49004
Meditating upon Allah’s Favors        41469
Reading the whole Quran every Month        46688
Conclusion        21492
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