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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - The Promised Prophet of the Bible -Dr. Mounquedh Bin Mahmoud As-Saqâr

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Knowing Allah

The Promised Prophet of the Bible -Dr. Mounquedh Bin Mahmoud As-Saqâr

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Introduction to the Prophecies of the Holy Bible        10607
The Expected King        10003
The Disciples’ Lack of Understanding of the Prophecies about the Messiah        9650
Did Jesus (PBUH) Claim that he is the Expected Messiah?        10656
Did Muhammad (Pbuh) Call Himself The Expected Prophet?        10601
Ishmael's Blessed Nation        9246
Were The Children Of Israel Exclusively The Chosen?        9701
The Description Of The New Kingdom’s Nation        7972
Jacob's Prophecy About Shilon        10916
Moses (pbuh) Prophesies About the Coming of a Prophet and Messenger Like Him        8858
Moses Prophecy about The Promised Blessing in The Land of Paran        11233
Psalms Prophesy about the Qualities of the End of Time's Prophet        10118
David (pbuh) Prophesies of a Prophet Who is not of His Offspring        7576
Prophecies of The Kingdom        6830
The Prophet Daniel Prophesies about the Time of the Kingdom        12362
The Prophecy of (Mehmad), The Desire of Nations        7647
The Prophecy About Elijah        7517
The Smaller in The Kingdom Of God        6022
Jesus Prophesies the Parakletos        12160
The Parakletos is a Human Prophet, Not The Holy Spirit        9489
Priest Fender’s Objections and Alhindi’s Response        10816
Conclusion        11529
Sources and References        6805
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