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Supporting Prophet Muhammad website - The Muslim's Fastness from Quran & Sunnah-By Saeed bin Ali

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Knowing Allah

The Muslim's Fastness from Quran & Sunnah-By Saeed bin Ali

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Article Title Hits
When waking up        7171
Supplication when wearing a garment        6100
Before entering the toilet        6350
When leaving the home        6057
Supplication when going to the mosque&Upon entering the mosque&Upon leaving the mosque        7299
Supplications related to the athan _the call to prayer        6344
Supplication at the Start of the Prayer _after Takbeer        8446
While bowing in prayer _rukoo'        6212
Upon rising from the bowing posision        6208
Supplication whilst prostrating (sujood)        7036
Supplication between the two prostrations        6733
Supplication when prostrating due to recitation of the Quran        6423
The Tashahhud        7792
Prayers upon the Prophet after the tashahhud        7296
Supplication said after the last tashahhud and before salam        9513
Remembrance after salam        8036
Supplication for seeking guidance in forming a decision or choosing the proper course…etc _Al-Istikharah        7235
Remembrance said in the morning and evening        9402
Remembrance before sleeping        8512
Supplication when turning over during the night        6421
Upon experiencing unrest, fear, apprehensiveness and the like during sleep        6902
Upon seeing a good dream or a bad dream        7333
Qunoot Al-Witr        5427
Remembrance immediately after salam of the witr prayer        6202
Supplication for anxiety and sorrow        9335
Supplication for one in distress        6014
Upon encountering an enemy or those of authority        5372
Supplication for one afflicted with doubt in his faith        4439
Settling a debt        4838
Supplication for one afflicated by whisperings in prayer or recitation        7589
Placing childen under Allah’s protection        6591
When visiting the sick        6185
Supplication for the deceased at the funeral prayer        8892
Prayer said during a wind storm        5744
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